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Information in English

Christmas prices!

Between 1 dec - 15 dec you can buy 1 yr membership to the gym for 1000 sek and a membership for 6 months for 700 sek.

The price is only between these dates. No other discounts on the price for example no student discount.


Best regards

27/11-17 Linda Bülow

News from the gym

In order to get in the gym after 16.00 a clock in the afternoon you have to buy yourself a tag (key). You can buy it from the care takers or at IK Sätras office. The price of the tag is 50 sek. If you don´t want to buy a tag you can call the care takers emergency number 070-733 24 65 and they will open the door for you. In case they have other work to do in the building you may have to wait for them to come. So if you don´t have the time it´s better to get yourself a tag.

14711-17 Linda Bülow

English Information

Hulkboden is an old school gym in the heart of the quarter Sätra in Gävle. In our gym you can come as you are. No need for fancy gymclothes.
We have a great vibe in the gym so no need to worry.

Some info about our open hours. For public training:

Monday                       8:00-10:00  and 13:00-22:00 

Tuesday-Friday            8:00-10:00 and 12:00-22:00
Sat - Sun                    12:00-18:00 

Between 10:00-13:00 on Mondays and 10:00-12:00 we have the gym open for seniortraining (55+ yr) only. 

If you are new in training and not a member or an old member. You can try out to train for one week for free. You need to get to the gym to get the free training card. And you only can try out it once.


01/2-16 Administrator